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Cam Forest, Londonderry

Badger Rating 3.0/5
Plenty of fire-road tracks, with numerous loop options. Some great climbs, including one to the windmills on the top of Rigged Hill with great views. Also possible to ride a steep technical descent from the top to the west. Single track unknown.

Getting There

Northwest of Garvagh on the B66, South of the A37 Coleraine/Limavady road.  Park at the forest entrance on the B66.

Trail Description

The forest possesses a large number of tracks providing numerous loop options. Some great climbs including one to the windmills on the top of Rigged Hill, where magnificent views to the West can be enjoyed. It may also be possible to ride a steep descent from the top to the west as marked on the map. Single track unknown.


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  • Great track, Lots of Gravel to slide about on. Nice and Painful climb to the windmills but no problem for experienced riders, Managed to take some video with the on board camera, Why don't you give it a look and maybe i'll see you riding someday :):)
  • No sign of single tracks but the actual tracks through the forest are great to ride. Nice climb to the windmills that give a great view over the most of the county. Did it on a beautiful October afternoon and the leaves etc were fantastic. Would love to know of any single tracks hidden there?

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