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Slieve Gullion Forest, Armagh

Badger Rating 3.8/5
Some steep climbs and nice tarmac descents on the Forest Drive, most of which is one-way for cars. Also a great rough walking trail off the top of the mountain, but you need to carry your bike to the summit.

Getting There

7 miles South West of Newry, Slieve Gullion Country Park is signposted from the motorway just south of Newry; take the turn-off heading for Forkhill and follow the brown signs.

Trail Description

The raw off-road MTB only really starts once you have dragged your bike to the mountain summit (you are NOT riding it), but it is well worth it, particularly if you have a clear view.

A trail heading north from the summit is a technical but fun mix of rocks, peat and open grass, with the occasional small drop off.  In places, particularly high up, it makes sense to just get off the bike for a few metres to get round an obstacle.

The path becomes a bit patchy in places, but provided you don't start veering too far off to the left, it becomes a high speed grass descent back to the road.


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  • did this as part of an adventure race. not much in the way of specific biking trails, but there are lots of minor roads and tracks around and off the mountain, and it is a great fun peaty ride along the top from the summit along the walking path (with a few drops), down to the road again. the path gets a bit sketchy in bits though, and it can be hard to follow. if in doubt, stay right, and you will enjoy a super-fast descent!
  • Only done this once since the hike to the top whilst carrying your bike takes courage... however, once there the run to the bottom is great fun, you can pick up real speed and have a go at the odd drop off. Wouldn't be somewhere you'd go regularly but I do plan on going back at some stage :)

NOTE: The trails on this site have been ridden before, but you should not interpret their inclusion as an indication that mountain-biking is officially sanctioned on them. Seeking permission from landowners is your own responsibility, as is conducting yourself in a manner that is courteous, respectful to the environment, and conscious of the safety of others.