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Ballycastle / Coolaveely Forest, Antrim

Badger Rating 4.0/5
Rough forest tracks with some fantastically fast descents. Also a great fun grassy descent to the forest off the open mountain of Knocklayde.

Getting There

Park in Ballycastle itself and use the entrance a few hundred metres from the Diamond in the town centre (signposted Moyle Way), or in the Forest Service car park about three kilometres along the B15 Drumavoley Road just south of the town.

Trail Description

Both Coolaveely Wood and Ballycastle Forest contain plenty of forest tracks and sufficient altitude to get the lungs working. Good tight climbs on forest tracks, with some short sections of singletrack, and associated fantastically fast high speed descents. Be careful in Ballycastle Forest, as the area is a popular place for families / walkers, so safety and courtesy are of the utmost importance.

Coolaveely has a downhill course with some very technical sections in places, and has previously hosted local DH races. Well worth a visit if in the area.

If you fancy something a bit more challenging/ridiculous, but with a fantastic open mountain grassy descent back into Ballycastle Forest, why not take your bike up the mighty Knocklayde itself.

This area can form part of an epic day out taking in Slieveanorra Forest and Ballypatrick Forest.


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  • Sorry i ment take a right at the split in the fireroad!

  • Coolaveely is average! Not that fun to ride and quite short. Worth a visit if you have never been though! Would rate it 3/5

    Ballycastle Forest has a great xc trail! you start from the far end car park! Take a left at the split in the fire road and cycle up it till the second road on the left! Take that road and cycle up in and jsut before it turns to the right there is a short but fun sincle track scetion which leads down the the car park again! Would rate 4/5
  • Very good fun. Would be a five but jumps at bottom are now gone

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